Welcome to Saen Thai Cuisine

Healthy and delicious, Thai cooking is light, fresh and traditionally seasoned with aromatic herbs and chili peppers. It can be as spicy as Indian food or as gently seasoned as Chinese. A pleasant contrast between the two, you decide if you want spicy or not.
Garlic, ginger, basil, mint, curry and coriander are just a few of the seasonings used to flavor Thai dishes. Added to these are Thailand’s own lemon grass, tamarind, galanga and kaffir lime leaves, which give the distinctive Thai flavor. Maintaining a delicate balance between the main ingredients and these spices is the secret to Thai cooking..the magic that turns an American salad to a Thai salad or plain fried fish to spicy Thai sweet and sour. The Variety is endless, exotic and delicious.
We hope you enjoy it.

Saen, Boon and staff.


Limited Bar Available